Core Team

Ishan Khosla

Founder & Design Partner
Core Area of Expertise: Branding, Editorial (Book/Print) and Interactive Design (Graphic Design)

Ishan is an artist and designer who works on a range of projects that combine design, technology and craft in different ways. He has an MFA in Design from the School of Visual Arts (SVA), New York and moved to India in 2008 to start Ishan Khosla Design. Ishan has spoken at various forums in places such as Australia, France, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and in India. Ishan Khosla Design has been called the 100 Best Contemporary Graphic Designers in the world by Charlotte and Peter Fiell in their book, New Graphic Design. We have been published in India: Contemporary Design — Graphics, Fashion and Interiors (The Victoria & Albert Museum ), Tokyo Type Director’s Club Annual,Asian Graphics Now! and several other international books and publications. Ishan is a part-time faculty at the Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation. He also conducts workshops on typography. He also is very interested in international collaborations in design and culture.



3D and Product Design Partner
Core Area of Expertise: Product & Installation Design

Shirley is a sculptor and designer who graduated from the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad . She leads projects at IKD related to installation, ceramics and 3D. Through her label, Irregular Beauty, Shirley creates quirky and humorous ceramics that have a strong element of storytelling. Shirley started the Fired Material Application department at Indian Institute of Craft and Design (IICD), Jaipur in 2010, and was also the department chair from 2010-2013. She continues to be a visiting faculty at IICD. She strongly believes in being a master of ones material and thinks technique informs the work as much concepts can, her approach to her own work therefore is on similar lines, respect towards ones materials, using them appropriately and imaginatively, for the right reasons and with minimum waste or damage to ones environment. She is open to interesting commissions for private and public spaces.


Technology & Development Partner 
Core Area of Expertise: Senior Software Engineer, Website Developer and E-Marketing Expert

Arjun specializes in E-Commerce platform development and integrations, with over 12 years of experience in the industry and many more years of core programming experience. His area of expertise extends from software backend development, enterprise systems architecture to user experience, user interface programming. Arjun has been working on several interactive design projects including e-commerce, mobile, apps, widgets etc. 


Graphic Designer

Maithili sees herself as a Visual Artist who likes to work and experiment with multiple mediums. She graduated as a Graphic Designer from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. She has a penchant for Illustration and Typography. Designing for print and packaging are her claim to fame. Her interests lie in Photography and Computer Gaming.



Graphic Designer

Abhishek is a 27 year old Architect and Retail Designer from NID Bangalore, who like to work across domains of Design. He loves everything that has to do with Graphic design, Space design & development, Branding and Packaging. He has a strong interest indesign For Digital Medium. In his spare time, he likes to watch movies and play Fifa.


Office Manager, Accountant, Photo-Assistant and "Physical" Google. Suresh has been at the company since the very beginning and is a valuable team-member. Despite not going to high school, he has learnt English and can read and organize materials and find any book or resource within 5 minutes.