Oz Fest: A celebration of Australia and India

Oz Fest was the largest Australian cultural festival ever, to be held in India. The use of dots in identity we created, was inspired by Australian aboriginal art and Gond tribal art from India. This is metaphoric of the coming together of two great nations to celebrate the best of Sound, Stage, Screen, Art & Design, Words & Ideas, and, Food & Sport. The colors are based on the hues of the Australian Outback.

We also created specific patterns to represent each of the genres. These dot patterns give the identity a dynamism and are used to connect each genre such as Sounds to a specific pattern. If the event relates to Sound then only that pattern is used else all the patterns for the festival are used on common collaterals.

Oz Fest was Nominated for the Kyoorius 2013 Awards in the Design for Identity Category

The identity was applied to a range of collaterals such as:
• Brand Identity for Oz Fest
• Print Ad Campaign in magazines and newspapers such as TimeOut and Times of India
• Brand Identity Guideline Book
• Website for Desktop and Mobile
• Signage:
Venue signage (including standees, logo boards, directional signage, media board)
Building hoardings
• Print Collaterals:
– General and VIP Brochure
– Invitations
– Posters/flyers/e-flyers and emailers
– Advertisements (indoor and outdoor)
– Stationery such as folders, letterhead
– Postcards
– Alterations of logo for online use
– Directional Signage throughout venue for cafe, toilets, various halls and sites
– Symposium Schedule (also at registration area)
– Masking and Backdrop for Symposium Hall & Media/Registration
• Print Production and Supervision

Please note all photography is not owned by Ishan Khosla Design. They were provided to us by the client for explicit use for design of the brand collaterals only,