Sangam: the Australia India Design Platform

We chose the name Sangam for this platform of artisans, designers and users, because it means confluence. While literally referring to the confluence of the three rivers — Ganga and Yamuna rivers in Allahabad — in a broader sense it refers to the confluence of the three entities mentioned above.

We decided that the visual manifestation of the word mark itself should exemplify its meaning and so we came up with the idea of designing the mark and then working with an artisan to physically make the mark we had envisioned on the computer. This then would epitomize the meaning of confluence. We worked with Sanju-ben (via Kala Raksha), who belongs to the Dhebaria Rabari tribe.

Seen here is the computer generated version we did in Delhi, and the handmade version that Sajnu-ben made in Kachchh. We gave her the freedom to interpret and alter the designs between and within the letters but keeping the letters as similar as possible.

Sangam has been included in the Tokyo Type Director's Club Annual 2015