Car Puja: the paradox of logic and luck

In India, puja or blessings/prayers are even done for modern technological tools such as computers and cars. Presumably they are both for the device itself and for the benefit and in this case the safety of the user. There are some interesting connections I noticed b/w the puja and the car — for instance, fire and smoke, which is common to the internal combustion engine and the puja! I also wonder if these pandits drive and if so, who would do the puja for their car?

Then there is also the paradox between a luck and logic — the praying of good fortunes has now become directed towards non-living things which have a life of their own and in a sense control our lives—  cars, computers, mobile phones etc. No one prays to a stool or a table.

This was taken outside a temple where the cars are blessed while the occupants seek blessing inside the temple!