Cherial Mask (Punk Daaku)

This mask was made at a Cherial mask making workshop at Happy Hands. The mask I chose to make was of a "Punk-Daaku" — an amalgamation of an Indian dakoit and an London 80's Punk!

The process is very complicated, one has to use various ingredients like sawdust, cotton strips, water, tamarind etc. The following 6 steps are used to make the mask:
Sculpting –‘Poniki’ wood is used to craft a figurine of choice and give it a crude form
Plastering – a fine mixture of tamarind seed paste and sawdust is applied over the base form
Bandaging – after the mixture dries up, cotton strips are layered of the figurine
Smoothening – liquid lime and chalk powder paste are coated to smoothen the surface
Coloring – On the base color, detailing such as eyes, limbs and accessories are intrinsically painted
Varnishing – to give a glossy look a coat of varnish is applied