Cricket is our Religion and the Stadium our Temple

Brief: The theme for Nike was about Celebrating Cricket through the 3 Stars (India's World Cup Victories)

Nike wanted to promote India's 3 World Cup victories through art and design. They asked a few leading Indian designers to use the theme of Cricket and the World Cup to create a piece of art. The whole idea is so to see the sport through the eyes of the artists. The art works could be a series of photos, art works, installation or just one photo that captures/ epitomizes the sport of the cricket and the three stars. The exhibit was on the 20th of October at Olive, Mehrauli.

Our Concept: Cricket is more than a sport in India — it is a religion. It is the only force that transcends religion, caste, politics, language, gender and economic status in India. Cricket is, of course, about the players and the game itself; but in India it is about the fans, of which there are millions in every corner of the country. For our installation, we have taken inspiration from the myriad fans of India and their emotions during the course of a game. On one side of the bats, the fans are in a tense mood, during a critical stage of the game. And on the other side, from where one strikes the ball from, we have fans in an excited mood as India has just won another world cup. Three fans hold replicas of the three world cups India has won to date. We used 11 bats to represent the 11 players of the team and have used the same mechanism used in mechanical scoreboards and advertising in cricket fields. The viewer can change turn all the bats and view the 'before' and 'after' and relive the emotions of a real life cricket game in India.

Thanks to Oliver Meyes (who was working as an intern from Central St. Martins) and to Akhlaq Ahmad for the artwork.

Cricket is a Religion (Installation for Nike)