New York Stories

This artwork is about expressing conversations I had with Aaron Steiner — a resident at a nursing home in Manhattan. I use the medium of visual art to express some of the conversations we had about his and my life. While we come from very different backgrounds — Aaron is Jewish originally from Odessa — and I am Hindu originally from India — we both still have some commonalities — not the least that we're both living in Manhattan. New York the melting pot of almost all nationalities of the world — has also some of the most interesting people living in it — with even more fascinating and surprising stories, such as the ones told to me by Aaron.

Top: Origins.
This piece is about both our origins — where our family comes from, and all the cities we've lived in, until we met in Manhattan.

Second from top: This work is about both of our experiences with ballet. Aaron took ballet lessons and I used to photograph ballet classes.

Second from bottom: All My Stuff.
A document of all the objects and paraphernalia in Aaron's room at the residence.

Bottom: Automat.
This is related to the stories of Aaron who used to eat his lunches from automats. The postcard was sent to him from the place where his automats used to exist till the 1980's..