The Shakti Trilogy by Ashok Banker

The Shakti Trilogy by Ashok K. Banker is a trio of short, fun, action-packed novels set in contemporary times featuring superheroes inspired by Indian Gods, but with a very fresh take and attitude. Each of the young superheroes will represent the dynamic personality of post-millennial India, while dealing with issues, attitudes and conflicts relevant to today’s readers from age 14 to 40. At the same time, the underlying mythological stories of ancient Hindu Gods and legendary adventures will attract the huge ‘mytho’ fan base of all ages.

Awaken is the first book in the trilogy where three main characters are introduced. Kiara, Saumya and Sia, coming from diverse backgrounds and social structures, discover their superpowers and learn the true reason for their existence. They have been genetically modified and created over generations to fight an ancient evil alien race who wants to destroy all life on earth. The girls and other like them are known as the Preservers. Kiara’s superpowers are inspired by Hanuman. She has an exceptionally heightened sense of smell and the ability to leap very high and wide, covering large distances very quickly. When her powers are awakened, she grows golden fur on her body and a tail. Saumya’s power is to be able to teleport. Sia, who is a hermaphrodite, can sing at pitches which can dissolve and destroy her target. Sia can also fly using her singing powers.

Target Group: Ages 14 and above; for those who love fantasy, mythology, folklore, superhero stories and action.