Talk related to Cultural Exchange at Design Akademie Berlin

Talk: Work in Progress for Better Tomorrow at Design Akademie Berlin

International networking with Ishan Khosla
Design Studio New Delhi // upcoming socio cultural design and branding coop project

Ishan Khosla Design has been selected among the Best 100 Contemporary Graphic Designers in the World by famous writer Charlotte and Peter Fiell in their book NEW GRAPHIC DESIGN. Work has been recognized and awarded by TOKYO TYPE DIRECTOR´S CLUB ANNUAL and ASIAN GRAPHICS NOW!

As part of his lecture on 15th June Ishan provides projects and samples of his extensive work with designers and his agency located in New Delhi, India, sure a future global market.

To him, design is not just the visual or aesthetic, but the meaning behind it. The story of who you are and what you and in case of clients, the company aspires to become. Design can add clarity to brand communication, shape the brand by creating content, that is truthful, direct and appropriate to clients company and the targeted audience by bringing personalized attention to the work that is uncommon in today´s fast-paced commercial design world.
Overall the depth and breadth of the work is epitomized by Ishan´s work experience in the United States and India which spans over 15 years. This experience helps to combine the best of global and Indian design sensibilities.
The presented portfolio reflects the conviction that great design cannot happen without passion, intelligence and personal commitment.

The upcoming coop-project under the title "Understanding the Rules of Wrapping..." is planned for 2017 and supervised by Ishan Khosla, Prof. Egbert Idler, Andreas Suhr of design akademie berlin in collaboration with Design University in New Delhi. In this context , a one-month-research-and-exchange phase for brainstorming and mind-mapping in Delhi is scheduled. Funding is requested and we hope for an exciting and successful international collaboration.