Wind(mill)s of Change

Part of a series of gifts done for the Delhi 2050. We chose the windmill because its a commonly sold item in Delhi (though its losing its popularity in today's e-world). This event was sponsored by the Dutch Government (Dutch DFA) and the windmill is a symbol of Holland. Lastly, we wanted to emphasize a clean future for Delhi in line with clean energy sources such as wind power.

The overall concept of the windmills was to represent something that may not exist in Delhi in 2050 — its a sort of a time capsule for today's Delhi.

Top: Parking Ticket Windmill (Vehicular Diversity of Delhi)
This windmill is made from parking tickets featuring things you find on Delhi's streets today, that might not exist on Delhi streets in 2050. Parking tickets are used because this relates to the theme of transport and vehicular traffic and diversity in Delhi.

Bottom: Newspaper Windmill (with Street Vendors of Delhi)
This windmill is made from newspapers and features various kinds of street vendors one sees in Delhi that may not be part of the Delhi street scene in 2050. We used newspapers because a lot of the street vendors use newspapers to create bags for chick-peas and peanuts. Newspaper bags are used by them as well to put there products for sale to the public.

These are both available for sale.